The Difficulties of Dating Your Spouse

Tweet Too Bad Barnes & Noble Doesn’t Serve Dinner I hit the jackpot. OK, I didn’t actually win the lottery, but it certainly felt like it when I discovered that Fred’s teenage cousin was old enough to babysit our brood. No more wrangling family and friends to watch our three kids while we got away […]

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The Language of Love

Tweet Physical Touch is More Than Sex Years ago we, took Gary Chapman’s The 5 Love Languages workshop. What I received from this class was further proof that Men are from Mars and Women are From Venus. This assumption grew even stronger when I saw my hubby’s results. His primary love language was physical touch, […]

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Netflix is a Leading Cause of Marital Conflict

Tweet How Did The Dude Get in There? Opening a Netflix envelope in my house is like staying in a two-star hotel: you never know what you’re going to get. Of course, this is the exact opposite of how Netflix is supposed to work. In a normal household, a person selects the movie she wants […]

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Talk is Cheap, Communication is Golden

Tweet I Need More Than “It Was Fine” Our 6-year-old son, N, has been dying to play baseball for over a year, so he was thrilled when baseball evaluations finally arrived. Fred agreed to take him while I stayed home with the other two kids. I’ve always been a huge baseball fan. Thoughts of our son’s playing […]

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Close the Door on Open Marriages

Tweet The Rules If you’ve witnessed a game of tag lately, you know the drill. First, the kids start running, then they start calling out the rules. “No tag backs, no time outs, no base…” They know what adults sometimes forget: it’s better to establish the rules up front in order to avoid problems later. […]

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Love Begins in the Kitchen

Tweet I Married a Food Snob “There’s a difference between heating up and cooking,” a friend said recently. He meant it as a dig at his non-cooking, mother-in-law. Others at the dinner table laughed and nodded knowingly. I didn’t say a word, hoping that hubby wouldn’t call me out among friends, but we both knew […]

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Martha Stewart Doesn’t Live Here

Tweet Less Arguing, More Cuddling My best friend Adi loves to clean. You can drop by her house unannounced, and there’s no mad dash to hide mountains of unsorted mail or clean the hall bath. Unfortunately, that’s not the case at my house. If you come by unannounced — or announced – there’s a whole […]

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Making It Last Forever

Tweet Forever Was a Daunting Prospect Forever was a daunting prospect. When my husband proposed 14 years ago, it wasn’t marriage that I couldn’t fathom. It was that it would actually last. In my family, the only thing more popular than marriage, was re-marriage. Out of more than a dozen marriages in my family, only […]

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